Friday, March 21, 2014

Before Bologna Take Off / Tips on How to Present Yourself at the Bookfair

Before I leave for the Bologna Children's Bookfair I wanted to show some of the promotional materials I made to take along. As I have visited the Fair last year, I tried to take into consideration what the publishers appreciated and what not. Not every one of them has the time to sit down for a portfolio interview so is't always good to have something with you to leave around for the art directors - they can get back to you after they return to their offices. 

That's why I decided to print out these booklets. I printed out 60 pieces to leave to the publishers either after
the interview or only to take home to the art-director. Last year I had a package - a few samples of my work in a white envelope with a couple of stickers on it, and I think the envelope is not as good idea as it seems (not much to catch one's eye and trouble with opening and taking out all of the goodies). I believe this is a better option :-)

Of course, I made a couple of postcard designs. I printed 60 of each and plan to give these out and leave some at the illustrator's wall on Monday morning, together with a poster of my work. Which I haven't printed yet, aaaaah!

And at last, but not least, I made a portfolio. Actually two of them, as I didn't want to mix up the two illustration styles that I do. These are just plain A4 formats bound in a wonderful book-workshop here in Bratislava. Nice ladies, they always do such a wonderful job! 


Hope this helps! Good luck everyone and maybe see you in Bologna!

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